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Invivox allows you to create and publish your trainings (webinars, mentorings, masterclass, symposiums) and give them high visibility.

Promotion of courses

Invivox' targeted digital campaigns give your course global visibility.
Doctors' expertise recognized Invivox showcases the expertise of your faculty, worldwide.
An additional source of revenue Optimize the occupancy rate of your course with the help of our digital campaigns.
Invivox: course management made easy No more endless email chains about payments or course agendas.
Focus on the content of your course.

Invivox Connect™

Invivox Connect™ allows you to publish courses in a couple of clicks on Invivox. With Invivox Connect™, manage your registrations in real-time, track your payments or create discount coupons for your attendees.
Team Grant different permission levels to each member of your team.
Experts Easily add the profiles of experts within your institution.
Trainings Create and publish a medical course in a few easy steps.
Registrations List all registrations, to past and coming courses. Email all attendees, with one click
Notifications Get notified for every single registration on an existing course, or when someone in your team creates a new training course.
Discounts Create and share discounts ("early bird", "residents", and more).

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