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Joshua Daniel Rains

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Vyaire Medical

Replay - Patient Safety and Quality Monitoring of the Ventilation Patient

Rains Joshua Daniel Rains


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Expérience Professionnelle

Manager of Patient Safety

Review patient safety concerns for process improvement. Investigate potential claims for the health system. Provide process improvement education to all disciplines. Manage and oversee event reporting for the health system.

Depuis 2021

Integris Health

Director of respiratory care

Draft and implement new policies and procedures to improve patient outcome. Implement new practices to reduce ventilator length of stay. Develop and implement new strategies for patient outreach program to reduce readmission of COPD patients. Direct

De 2017 à 2021

Integris Baptist Medical Center

Independent Practice

Practice in various areas of law including wills, trust, estate planning, medical negligence, personal injury, and family law.

Depuis 2014


Juris Doctor


Oklahoma City University School of Law

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership


University of Central Oklahoma

Associate in Applied Science, Respiratory Therapy


Rose State College