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Prof. Wei Chen

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Dr. Wei Chen is Vice-Chair and Professor of Ophthalmology in the affiliated eye hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Chair of Ningbo Eye Hospital and Director of Eye Clinic in Boao Super Hospital in China. He was trained as postdoctoral research fellow in Schepens Eye Research Institute and Ocular Surface Center in Baylor College of Medicine. He is founding member of Asia Dry Eye Society and member of TFOS LifeStyle workshop. He was an author on over 90 peer-reviewed publications including Nature communication, Ophthalmology, AJO, IOVS, BJO etc. He has more than 3000 cases of experiences of DALK, DSAEK/DMEK, and Boston Keratoprothesis surgeries. His main research interests include mechanism of dry eye, tissue engineering, translational Research, corneal transplantation.

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