Bpifrance The Fonds Patient Autonome, launched by BPIFrance, financially supports startups working on medical technology. Provided with 50 million euros, these investments aim to identify and develop the most promising French startups in the medical technology industry.
ISAI Investment funds for internet entrepreneurs. The creation of the ISAI originated in the shared desire of certain entrepreneurs coming from the IT, Communication and Web industries to structure and professionalize their direct investment into young, innovative companies.
Ethicapital partners An independent corporation supporting companies through its investment group. The funds come exclusively from the founder Patrice Mayolle, investing in many European business sectors while becoming a major partner in the development and handover of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
Fine Day Ventures Fine Day Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm investing in technology, specifically financial technology, medical technology and aerospace technology, artificial intelligence and energy (alternative and traditional). Founder Claude Wasserstein has invested in a number of startups, including Blade, Hyperloop, Flare (board member), Maven, Ambulnz, BitPesa, and Tentrr.

Board members

Ronan Denoual Entrepreneur and Business Angel. Co-founder and Director of Hospimedia (now MNH).
Didier Kuhn Entrepeneur and Investor in companies such as BlaBlaCar, Bankin, LiveMentor, Drivy and Co-founder of Chais d’oeuvre.
Chahra Louafi Chahra Louafi is Director of Senior Investments and Manager of Funds in Innovative Biotherapy and Rare Disease at BPIFrance (formerly CDC Enterprises), currently in charge of 10 societies. Since January 2018, she has managed the « Autonomous Patient » Funds that she herself established. Before joining CDC Enterprises in 2001 she was in charge of project management and business creation in a private business incubator specialised in the field of biotechnology.

With CDC Enterprises, attached to the New Developments team, Chahra was in charge of investments dedicated to company launch and technological transfer operations. She was President of the Surveillance Committee at Inserm Transfer Initiative. Since 2009 she has invested in young, unlisted start-ups in the health sector including DBV Technologies (listed on Euronext in 2012 and on the Nasdaq in 2014), Pixium Vision (listed on Euronext in 2014), Sensorion (listed on Altenext in 2015), Adverum (M&A then listed on the Nasdaq in 2016), Lysogene (listed on Euronext in 2017), Enyo Pharma, Eyevensys, Medday, Therachon, Gecko, Sparing Vision, Brainever and GMPO.

Chahra Louafi graduated from INA-PG (with an M.Phil in Enzymatic Engineering and Microbiology), from Université Dauphine (Postgraduate degree in Technology and Innovation Management) and from Université Paris 10-Nanterre (Postgraduate degree in Financial Management). She is a Chevalier of the National Order of Merit.Read More
David Mercier David Mercier created Strammer in 2008, a firm specialized in the field of recruitment in addition to individual and collective coaching of senior executives of the health industry (Medtech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry).

Strammer is now present in 9 European countries and works with more than 520 customers. David Mercier, founder and chairman, recently gave the keys of the development of Strammer to its CEO, in order to devote part of his activity to his passion: Helping healthcare startups become world leaders in their field.Read More
Thierry Vandewalle Entrepreneur (Wcube). Thierry worked alongside Jean-David Chamboredon and Christophe Raynaud on the creation and management of the ISAI Venture II European portfolio.