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International Workshop on Unilateral and Bilateral Laryngeal Reinnervation

Open Classroom
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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
2-day course / 18:30 effective hours
20 attendees per session

Course details

International Workshop on Unilateral and Bilateral Laryngeal Reinnervation

Organized by the Medical Training Center, Rouen


May 30th - 31st, 2022


Prof. Jean-Paul Marie, ENT surgeon, Rouen, France

Dr. Yakubu Karagama, ENT surgeon, London, England

Dr. Kate Heathcote, ENT surgeon, Poole, England

Dr. Aude Lagier, ENT surgeon, Liège, Belgium

Dr. Frédéric Crampon, ENT surgeon, Rouen, France

Dr. Jean Selim, anaesthesiologist, Rouen, France


- 20 seats available for the online access to this course

- Also available as an on-site course at the Medical Training Center (MTC), 20 rue Marie Curie, 76000 Rouen, Normandy, France. Click here to register to the on-site course

What will you learn?

- Learn about the indications and techniques of reinnervation in uni and bilateral laryngeal paralysis

- Hypoglossal nerve branches anatomy

- Intralaryngeal anatomy of recurrent laryngeal nerve and branches

- Anatomy of phrenic nerve roots

- Nerve Suture

Target audience

Audience Limited to certified ENT specialists

Technical requirements

A good connection to a Wi-Fi network is recommended for quality sound and image.

The Webinar is also accessible by Smartphone, but a computer is however recommended for more comfort. If you are connecting from a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Zoom app.

Technical prerequisites:

Laptop or smartphone with stable internet connection. Helmet recommended but not required.

Supported browsers:

Windows: IE7 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari5 +

Mac: Safari5 +, Firefox, Chrome

Linux: Firefox, Chrome

For more details, see the following link: https://bit.ly/2woSTeH

Test your hardware: https://zoom.us/test

Test your connection: 5-10 Mbps download recommended speed. Check your connection at https://www.speedtest.net/


Monday May 30th

8am Welcome and registration

8:30am - 9am Talks

  • Anatomy and physiology of the larynx, applied to laryngeal reinnervation (Aude Lagier, 15’)
  • Technique of the non-selective unilateral reinnervation (ansa recurrent technique) in unilateral vocal fold paralysis (Jean-Paul Marie 10’)
  • Presentation of Case n°1 (JPM 5’)

9am - 10:45am Surgery from the OR: Unilateral non selective reinnervation (ansa recurrent technique): Kate Heathcote and Aude Lagier (OR), with interaction from the Auditorium of the MTC: Yakubu Karagama, JP Marie.

***Coffee break***

11am - 12pm Talks

  • Results of the ansa-recurrent technique and indications (JP Marie 10’)
  • Ansa-recurrent: UK experience (K Heathcote, Y Karagama 10’)
  • Discussion (live and visio conference) (10’)
  • History and Principle of Selective laryngeal reinnervation in bilateral vocal fold paralysis (JP Marie, 15’)
  • Laryngeal diplegia, etiology, evaluation and LEMG (JP Marie, 10’)
  • Case n°2 presentation (JPM 5’)

12pm - 1pm Surgery from the OR: Evaluation of diplegia with LEMG in case of laryngeal reinnervation (JP Marie & Jean Selim), with interaction from the Auditorium of the MTC: Kate Heathcote and Aude Lagier

***Lunch Break***

2pm - 3:15pm Talks

  • Anesthesiology for diplegia (Jean Selim, 15’)
  • Anatomy of the hypoglossal branches: ansa and XII TH (Frédéric Crampon 15’)
  • Anatomy and physiology of the phrenic nerve (JP Marie, 15’)
  • Technique of Bilateral and Selective laryngeal reinnervation (JP Marie 15’)
  • Nerve sutures (JP Marie 10’)

3:15pm - 3:30pm Groups determination and travel to Dissection Lab and Microsurgery Lab in the MTC

3:30 - 5:45pm Hands on - Group 1 : Cervical anatomy, dissection (Aude Lagier, K Heathcote, Y Karagama, F Crampon); Group 2: Nerve sutures (MTC) (JP Marie, Charles Maquet, P Charnavel).

6pm - 7pm For all: Auditorium of MTC. Synthesis, discussion and preparation for

Tuesday May 31st

8am - 10am Hands on. Group 2: Cervical anatomy, dissection (MTC) (K Heathcote, Y Karagama, JP Marie, F Crampon); Group 1: Nerve sutures (MTC)(JP Marie, Charles Maquet, P Charnavel).

10:15am - 1pm: Auditorium of MTC : from the OR : Bilateral selective reinnervation.

Nerves identification. Intralaryngeal dissection (Kate Heathcote, Aude Lagier). Auditorium : Yakubu Karagama, JP Marie.

*** Lunch Break***

2pm - 4pm Auditorium of MTC : from the OR : Bilateral selective reinnervation .

Nerves sutures (JP Marie). Auditorium : Kate Heathcote, Aude Lagier, Y Karagama

4pm - 6:&5pm Talks

  • Location of the motor endplates inside the PCA (Aude Lagier, 10’)
  • Bilateral reinnervation, results and indications (JP Marie, 20’) +++
  • Discussions(30’)

6:15pm - 6:30pm Closing remarks


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