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Quality Management & Quality Control in Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratories: the 4 pillars to ensure accuracy and precision in your lab.

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  • Thérapeute Respiratoire, Pneumologie
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In diagnostic laboratories, accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency depend heavily on quality management. The 4 pillars of QM in a PF lab should encompass quality control of: calibration & verification of sensors, precision of instruments using mechanical models, biological subject quality control, and last but equally important, measurement quality control.

PFT diagnostic laboratories that enact quality assurance & management procedures will recognize “out of control” instruments, or low quality test results, immediately and well before the potential for misclassification of PFT interpretations can occur, having potential consequences for patients. 

The American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society regularly publish PFT guidelines that recommend a variety of strong quality assurance and quality control programs. Yet there remains a low percentage of compliance or diligence on the part of PFT labs globally. Attend this webinar to review and discuss the benefit, and how to enact quality management programs & strategies that will help build and maintain quality programs in your PFT laboratory.

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Respiratory Therapists, Pulmonologists, PFT Specialist, Quality Specialists


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Jody F.

Great evening. Patrick is a fab speaker and makes you think more about what you are doing in practice. A great idea to have these meetings, hopefully they could become a regular occurrence.


Lindsay W.

Great session. Really well put together and presented. Enthusiastic and friendly team which made for a comfortable learning environment. Great mix of covering the standard CPET information with thought provoking elements which I will definitely take on board when testing. Would have loved a print out of slides on arrival to be able to jot down things on the slides that were being covered but appreciated the time/expense already put into the night and very much appreciate that your are happy to issue the slides at a later date. Thanks to all of the team involved in the CPET session.


Laura J.

Fantastic educational meeting with a different take on CPET analysis and interpretation! Excellent speaker, great venue and brilliant hosts! Would 100% recommend running this meeting again in the future! Huge thank you!


Kehinde B.

Excellent team! More CPET education please


Janice H.

Very good talk, very knowledgeable representatives, very good venue.


Alexandra M.

Great evening, very informative. Thanks guys!