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Replay - Volume Targeted Ventilation in the Neonate

4.7 (298)

Belteki Dr. Gusztav Belteki


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Vyaire Medical

Replay - Lung Protective Ventilation Strategies of the Neonate

4.7 (17)

Lista Dr. Gianluca Lista


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Vyaire Medical

Replay - Patient Safety and Quality Monitoring of the Ventilation Patient

Rains Joshua Daniel Rains


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Vyaire Medical

Replay - The use of NIV for treating patients with ARF

4.2 (5)

Nava Dr. Stefano Nava


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Replay-The use of digital tools to monitor & adjust patient ventilator settings

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Replay - Automated control FiO2 in preterm infants

4.4 (12)

Dani Prof. Carlo Dani


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Chief of Neonatology Department, “V.Buzzi”-Childrens’ Hospital ASST-FBF-Sacco,Milan-Italy, since 2004 until now

Active member of: Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN), European Scientific Collaboration on Neonatal Resuscitation (ESCNR) , European Society of Pediatric Research (ESPR) and Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies (UENPS)

Chairman of the ESCNR 2018-2020 years

President of the Lombardy section of the Italian Neonatal Society (SIN) 2018-2021 years

Temporary Lecturer by the University of Milan (Master in Neonatology and Upgrade Course in Mechanical Ventilation), academic course, since 2002 to present.

Adjunct Professor at the Pediatrics School of the University of Milan since academic course 2014/2015

100 scientific papers published on Pub-Med web site.Co-Author of : a chapter on the book “Genetics of epilepsy and genetic epilepsies”, edited by Fondazione Mariani in 2010; a chapter on mechanical ventilation and on N-CPAP on Neonatology Textbook 2017 edition; a chapter on lung volume optimization on Manual of Neonatal Respiratory Care (2017); a chapter entitled “Prenatal attachment in twin pregnancy” on the book “Multiple Pregnancy : new challenges “edited by Julio Elito Jr, 2019).Coauthorof the chapter “Sustained lung inflation” on the book “ Essentials of Neonatal Ventilation” , Elsevier Edition, 1st edition, 2019.

Full-time Professor of Respiratory and Critical Care University of Bologna

Director of the fellowship progam

Chief of the Respiratory and Critical Care Sant’ Orsola Malpighi Hospital in Bologna, Italy

Former Associate professor at: Pavia, Catania and Bologna Universities

Specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine.

Associate Editor of Breathe, Respiratory Care and European Respiratory Review

Previous Associate Editor of Intensive Care Medicine.

Previous member of the Editorial Board of Thorax

Reviewers of more than 10 international peer-reviewed journals, including the Lancet, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Chairman of the Intensive Care assembly at the European Respiratory Society (2007-2010).

Director of the ERS Post-Graduate Courses (2011-2015)

Previous member of the European Respiratory School.

Previous chair of the non-invasive ventilator support group inside the ERS

He was involved in the last 7 years as a member of the Assembly (Critical Care) Program Committee at the ATS.

Chairman of the International Program Committee of the American Thoracic Society for 2008-2009

Recepient of Gaza Award from the AARC in 2011

Honorary Membership of Hungarian Respiratory Society 2012

Honorary Egan at Lecture AARC 2012

Educational Award ERS 2017

He has published 261 papers on peer-reviewed journals

Latest H index= 61 (total number of citations = 14.826) n. 46 on the list of Top Italian Scientists Clinical Sciences

He was enrolled in several clinical trials.

Major fields of interest: mechanical ventilation, weaning, respiratory muscle and ethics.

In particular he has developed the use of non-invasive mechanical ventilation as a weaning technique

Hobbies: Movies, Reading, Travelling and cheese taster. Actual skier and former soccer player.

Innovative, results-oriented, experienced, and knowledgeable Healthcare leader with 25 years of experience in healthcare. Superior managerial ability, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills (written and oratory), who quickly absorbs and processes large amounts of information, and is capable of mastering health system values and achieving organizational objectives and metrics individually or as a team member. A resourceful decision-maker who combines integrity, exemplary leadership, and proven operational skill with the ability to resolve complex business issues.


Public Speaker ~ Having presented multiple presentations at National and International meetings in Denver, San Diego, Tampa, Philadelphia, Ottawa, Miami, Kansas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Duke University, Atlanta, Orlando, Nova Scotia, Boston, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Charlotte, Philadephia, and Savannah, Georgia


Community leader ~ Having taken part in Community Health fairs, HIV/AIDS prevention programs, Colo-rectal cancer screening program. Youth leadership development, Mentoring, Planning and organizing successful Networking events for community professionals, Youth Group leader


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