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Biomedical Equipment: Enhancing Clinical Knowledge and Managing Risks & Costs

Vyaire Medical

Vyaire Medical

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  • Ingénieur Biomedical, Technicien biomédical
  • 1 jour de formation   /   Durée effective : 1h
  • 800 participants par session
  • Anglais

Détails de la formation

The management of specialized medical equipment is a major consideration for any healthcare service (1). In addition to clinical knowledge and expertise (2), device availability and reliability is crucial for delivering care (3).

In this webinar, our speakers, Liam Farrell & Khaled Al Ibwaini will address:

• Basic concepts of ventilation and build on clinical knowledge with biomedical equipment

• The role of medical equipment in delivering a health service and the risk, impact and costs of equipment unavailability and malfunction

• The importance of compliance with device maintenance for patient safety and service delivery

• Managing the risks and costs associated with specialized medical equipment


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