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Replay - GLI, LLN, Z-Score. Understanding GLI normative, why use of lower-limit of normal is important, and how to use Z-Score

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  • Pneumologie, Thérapeute Respiratoire
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Measured data is regularly compared to established normal values.

However, the power of normal values comes from the power of the number of subjects used to establish the reference or predicted set, as well as how well the "normal" set reflects a measured population for comparison. Dr Stanojevic will discuss why the GLI reference set is more useful and more powerful than older reference sets, and why 21st century PF labs should work towards adopting these values.

Whenever subjects with similar demographics are grouped together, there will be natural variance, or normal distribution in the group. Dr. Stanojevic will discuss why lower and upper limits of normal are a better reflection of determining normal vs abnormality and how Z-score, or how "far" from the average a subject is, helps to determine the likelihood (aka probability) of abnormality.

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Jennifer R.


Geraldine O.

Interesting parts were.... FEV1 Q adding Z score graphic to report. reversibility calculation changes. not over pre anymore


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Loretta P.

It was very informative. We are just starting to use LLN and Zscores. Made things much clearer.