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Replay - Automated FiO2 Control and PRICO on the fabian Ventilator


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This webinar will discuss the importance of SpO2 targeting in

preterm infants and the benefits of using an automated FiO2

control such as PRICO, as well as a demonstration of how to

use PRICO on the fabian ventilators.

Excessive and prolonged oxygen supplementation as well as insufficient oxygenation

have been associated with adverse effects in preterm infants. Setting appropriate SpO2

targets is important for reducing the risk of morbidity and mortality in these patients.

Automated FiO2 control, such as PRICO, is a useful aid to maintain SpO2 within a desired


PRICO: Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation

• A valuable tool available in all modes on the fabian ventilators

• PRICO’s advanced oxygen controlling algorithm continuously monitors the patient

SpO2 and adjusts oxygen accordingly so the patient will spend more time in the

desired SpO2 range, reducing the time spent hyperoxemic and severely hypoxemic

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Neonatologists, NICU Nursing staff, Respiratory therapists

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Chloe Delianis Clinical Applications Specialist
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