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International Bordeaux Colorectal Virtual Masterclass

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Visceral and digestive surgery - Colorectal Surgery
5-day course / 12:30 effective hours
150 attendees per session

Course details

This Masterclass is intended for surgeons who want to discover best practices in Colorectal Surgery and learn the strategic rationale behind the technique.

Pr. Rullier and Dr Denost will welcome international Experts and host 13 Cases with each day dedicated to a specific subject: Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Benign Disease, Pelvic Floor Disorders and Challenges & Innovations.

This unique 5-day course will address standards and innovative techniques for colorectal surgery. All pathologies will be transversally covered and will present the best medical-surgical strategies to understand the holistic management of the disease.

What will you learn?

- To understand the standard and variations of surgical procedures in colorectal surgery

- To know the main technical difficulties

- To discuss therapeutic innovations

Advantages of the procedure

Access to the replay if you can't attend all the sessions

Interactive discussions with the experts

Target audience

Colorectal Surgeons

Digestive Surgeons

General Surgeons


Monday Oct. 12th

How I do it (delayed live surgery)

4pm Laparoscopic CME P. Tanis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

4:30pm Laparoscopic colonic splenic flexure resection Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

Technical Debates

5pm Total mesocolic excision for right colectomy, the new concept P. Tanis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5:20pm Intra or extra corporeal anastomosis after right colectomy E. Rullier (Bordeaux, France)

Oncologic Strategies

5:40pm Adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer, which patients? J.B. Bachet (Paris, France)

6pm Management of liver metastases from colorectal cancer L. Chiche (Bordeaux, France)

Tuesday Oct. 13th

How I do it (delayed live surgery)

4pm LapLow anterior resection Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

4:20pm Intersphincteric resection E. Rullier (Bordeaux, France)

4:40pm Lateral lymph nodes dissection T. Konishi (Houston, USA)

Technical Debates

5pm LLND: the rules in 2020 T. Konishi (Houston, USA)

5:20pm How to challenge the use of defunctioning stoma after TME Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

Oncologic Strategies

5:40pm Consolidation chemotherpay R. Perez (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

6pm Induction chemotherapy E. Rullier (Bordeaux, France)

Wednesday Oct. 14th

How I do it (delayed live surgery)

4pm Laparoscopic resection of ileocecal Crohn disease W. Bemelman (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

4:30pm Laparoscopic protectomy with ileoanal pouch Y. Panis (Paris, France)

Technical Debates

5pm Inclusion of mesenteric in ileocecal resection for Crohn disease W. Bemelman (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5:20pm How to manage the rectal stump during subtotal colectomy in UC Y. Panis (Paris, France)

Surgical Indications in IBD

5:40pm Ileal Crohn disease: surgical or medical treatment D. Laharie (Bordeaux, France)

6pm Indications of surgery in ulcerative colitis in 2020 J. Lefèvre (Paris, France)

Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

Thursday Oct. 15th

How I do it (delayed live surgery)

4pm Laparoscopic rectopexy A. D'Hoore (Louvain, Belgium)

4:20pm Sacral neurostimulation G. Meurette (Nantes, France)

4:40pm Transperineal rectocele repair B. Celerier (Bordeaux, Nantes)

Technical Debates

5pm Surgery for rectocele A. D'Hoore (Louvain, Belgium)

5:20pm Management of fecal incontinence G. Meurette (Nantes, France)

Treatment of Pelvic Sequelae

5:40pm Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of postoperative impotence G. Robert (Bordeaux, France)

6pm Management of gastrointestinal dysfunction after TME Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

Friday Oct. 16th

How I do it (delayed live surgery)

4pm Local excision after radio-chemotherapy E. Rullier (Bordeaux, France)

4:20pm Image-guided navigation in locally advanced or local recurrent rectal cancer E. Kok (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

4:40pm Fluorescence imaging in CR surgery F. Ris (Genève, Switzerland)


5pm Low impact laparoscopy inside ERAS Q. Denost (Bordeaux, France)

5:20pm Colectomy in outpatient, how to implement it? B. Gignoux (Lyon, France)

New Challenges

5:40pm How microbiome will change CR surgery J. Kinross (London, England)

6pm CR cancer in youngs: how we manage them? D. Winter (Dublin, Ireland)


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