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Transoral Robotic Thyroidectomy Course - 2 Days

Endocrinology - Diabetology - Nutrition
Melle, Belgium
2-day course / 16 effective hours
2 attendees per session

Course details

The aim is to comprehensively cover advanced robot techniques in transoral robotic thyroidectomy. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Özer Makay you will learn to perform a TORT from A to Z through lectures & hands-on wetlab training.

Educational methods

Hands-on, Cadaver, Simulation, Video, Lectures, On-site


The trainees must have previous experience on a robotic platform & familiarity with endoscopic endocrine surgery & conventional thyroid surgery.




Lecture - TORT from A to Z (part 1)

  • Introduction
  • Case selection
  • Preoperative preparations
  • Incisioning
  • Hydrodissection & port placement
  • Patient set-up & docking
  • Instrumentation
  • Preparation of subplatysmal flap (air pocket)
  • identification of linea alba & isthmus of thyroid
  • Separation & retraction of strap muscles
  • Dividing the isthmus
  • Identification of thyroid and adjacent structures (incl. vessels) in a craniocaudal fashion
  • Identification of vagus nerve, recurrent laryngeal nerve, external branch of superior laryngeal nerve & parathyroids
  • intraoperative neuromonitoring of the vagus and recurrent nerve
  • transection and tissue extraction
  • bleeding control
  • closure
  • post-operative care, recommendations & follow-up


Console & computer simulation

Hands-on wetlab training on pig model



Lecture - TORT from A to Z (part 2)


Hands-on wetlab training on human tissue

Medical devices

- Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci Xi

- Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci X


Brochure TORT 2022


Getting there

Once your registration is confirmed by Orsi Academy and/or Invivox, please contact our Hospitality Officer to arrange your accommodation & transfers. Unfortunately, Orsi Academy is very difficult to reach by public transport. The nearest train station is a 35 min walk. We strongly advise you to come by car or taxi.

If you are coming to an Orsi training, you can enjoy a free pick-up from one of our partner hotels. Upon request, our Hospitality Officer can arrange a pick-up from your hotel to Orsi Academy. Also the transfer back to the hotel is included in the course price, except from the last day of the training. Transfers from a non-partner hotel or from/to the airport are not included but can be offered at favorable prices.

Orsi has a cooperation with taxi company 'Limo Saelens'. For urgent matters, you can reach them 24/7 on +32 475 27 89 36, +32 495 57 27 21 or via [email protected]

Where to stay

Click here to have a look at our partner hotels in Ghent and in Aalst. Each location offers fixed prices or discounts. If you are interested in making a reservation, please ask for a room with Orsi-rates or contact our Hospitality Officer. The fixed prices can vary depending room availability. There is an additional fee of 3 euros city tax per person per night. Group reservations apply different prices that differ upon request.


ORSI Academy

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