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New Technologies & NoTech Processes for Safety and Performance - Special Focus on Robotic Segmentectomies and image-assisted surgery

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Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
Rouen, France
2-day course / 12 effective hours
27 attendees per session

Course details

This practical course will help you discover the latest technological advances in robotic assisted surgery for the management of lung cancer and mediastinal lesion.

We will focus on two main aspects of the robotic-assisted surgical system platform: a technical part and a second part that will emphasize the role of human factors and the team to perform safe and efficient procedures.

Technical aspects:

  • Da Vinci X surgical system, Intuitive
  • 4-Arm Standardised lung resection
  • Image assisted using Visible Patient® 3D reconstruction used in conjunction with TilePro (Intuitive) mode on the X system
  • Firefly infrared technology
  • SureForm
  • Different Energy modalities
  • Stapling Strategies (SureForm, Intuitive)
  • Capnothorax using Airseal

Non-technical Aspects:

  • Human factors
  • Cognitive tools (Robotic check-list, Crisis Check-list)
  • Team Training
  • Stress Management
  • Crisis Resource Management (CRM) using multidisciplinary team simulation
  • Surgical education and prehabilitation

One of the problems of minimal invasive thoracic surgery is major intra-operative complications, especially in RATS. To address this safety concern, we started 5 years ago to develop new tools with the aim of improving operative safety and using a multidisciplinary approach.

One of the main aspects of preventing and managing major complications is based on simulation with team resource management, acute stress management and the development of non-technical skills.

This course will draw on the expertise of different specialists: an anaesthesiologist, a radiologist, a human factor expert from aviation, a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a specialist in communication and of course a thoracic surgeon.

What will you learn?

- Image-assisted surgery: pre-operative planning, virtual reality

- Operative security: team training and crew resource management

- Pre-operative markings using: virtual bronchoscopy and mini-probes

- Tips and Tricks in complex cases

- 3D planning reconstruction

Educational methods

Live case observation, Simulation, Video, Lectures

Target audience

Thoracic Surgeons

Clinical results

Technical Aspects - references

Chaari Z, Montagne F, …Baste JM Midterm survival of imaging-assisted robotic lung segmentectomy for non-small-cell lung cancer..Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2021 Montagne F, Guisier F, Venissac N, Baste JM The Role of Surgery in Lung Cancer Treatment: Present Indications and Future Perspectives-State of the Art..Cancers (Basel). 2021 

For more:

Non-Technical Aspects - references


Thursday June 30th 

13:00  ***Lunch***

  Opening Session

  General Introduction - New context in Surgical Safety and Performance in the era of Robotic Surgery

Non-Tech Skills and Tool kits for team training and working: (Human factors, crisis management, team training, Crew resource management, enhanced performances, check list, stress (JM Baste)

  Operative Safety, the anaesthesiologist’s point of view (JM Selim, MM Dusseaux, A Lefèvre)

  Operative Safety, the Surgeon's point of view: Cognitive simulation (3D), Cognitive tools (check lists, 3D reconstructions…), Vascular complications management (JM Baste)

  Acute stress management and performance during operative complications (O Lefetz)

16:00 ***Coffee Break***

  Briefing In Situ Simulation - Team Training: Objectives 

  Scenario of Robotic LUL with the whole team and all the different surgical steps. Uncontrolled bleeding or major desaturation? Crisis management (JM Baste)

  Debriefing: Surgeon, anaesthesiologist, consultants, participants (evaluation scale for NOTS, stress management).

  End of the session


Friday July 1st


    Robotic 4-arm technique for lung segmentectomies - Dr Ilies Bouabdallah "live" from Marseille

    Presentation of pre-operative marking using virtual bronchoscopy and Radial EBUS (by videoconference in theatre) (S Lachkar)

    Live Case Robotic-assisted Segmentectomy with operative planning and operative assisting using 3D model (Visible Patient)

Robotic Segementectomy Pr Pages “live” from Dijon

 Live Case of Segementetcomy or standardized lobectomy: Robotic-assisted lobectomy with Da Vinci X surgical system and SureForm

  Prehabilitation and RAAC protocol (F Boujibar)

Training in robotic surgery: 10 years of experience (G Mordojovich)

  General debriefing focusing on the technical and non-technical parts of this course

End of course




Getting there

Options for reaching Rouen from Paris:

  • By train: you can reach Gare St Lazare by metro (not a direct line, €2) or by taxi (approx. €50) and then take a train to Rouen (approx. €25). There is a departure every hour or so, travel takes around 90min. You will then need a taxi from Rouen station to the hotel (approx. €15).
  • Taxi service: a taxi can pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your hotel. Cost is €180 (€360 for a round trip). Travel takes around 90min.
  • Renting a car from the airport  

Where to stay

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Jun 15, 2017
Dr. K.R. B. It would be even better if all the doctors in the operation theatre simulation would speak in english. the program was excellent.Have already adopted Dr Baste s technique for robotic lobectomy at our institute for our last 2 lobectomies.
Nov 24, 2017
Alessia S.
Nov 27, 2017
Dr. Souheil B.



20 rue Marie Curie

76000 Rouen, France