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Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration & ABC Face Lift

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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, United States
2-day course
10 attendees per session

Course details

This mini fellowship will teach you how to properly harvest, process, and deliver fat and nanofat, as well as combining it with different types of facelifts, including SMAS, SMASectomy, SMAS plication and modified MACS lift. 

The delegate will learn how to analyze a face and determine the anatomic areas of fat loss, bone loss and skin thinning. In addition, multiple modalities to address the 3 major features of aging will be demonstrated so simultaneous treatment of sun damage, volume loss and laxity can be performed in order to achieve the best outcomes that a patient now expects. 

 Aging is a dynamic process that can be modeled and understood tissue by tissue and cell by cell. Numerous authors have helped us understand the anatomy of facial fat compartments and the effects of aging on our facial tissues such as skin, fat, bone and fibrous ligaments.

 Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration (ITR2) is a method to replace decayed tissues of the face using “like tissues” in an effort to delay or slow the rate of tissue decay seen in facial aging. Facial topography and proportion analysis are performed to diagnose individual-specific losses of facial fat. The degree of sun damage and skin thinning is noted as is the degree of loss in the superficial fat compartment. Deep compartment fat loss is evaluated as is pyriform aperture, mandibular ramus, mandibular body and chin resorption. From this analysis, a detailed treatment plan is formulated.

Using either a sizing device that creates 3 different fat grafts; 2 mm (millifat), 1 mm (microfat) and 800 microns or less parcel size (nanofat); anatomic replacement of all areas of tissue loss is carried out.44 Millifat is used for deep compartment and bone losses, microfat for superficial fat losses above the facial musculature and nanofat is used intradermally and as a biological cream for topical application. The rationale behind this standardized approach is explained and the scientific foundations for the idea are presented.

 Dr Cohen will also cover the topics on a new facelift technique co-invented by Dr Michael Atlan, Dr Patrick Barat and himself, called the ABC Facelift, includes 3 steps of A. Dr Cohen’s ITR2 Fat Grafting Technique; B. Dr. Baraf’s Non-incisional Skin Elevation and C. Dr Baraf and Dr Cohen’s Cautery Elevation of the SMAS. 

What will you learn?

- Learn how to diagnose specific anatomic locations of facial volume loss by evaluating the surface topography of the face

- Learn how to replace these anatomic losses in the fat and bone with autogenous or allogenic fat graphs that are different anatomic shapes, including Pyriform Aperture Injection, Liquid Columellar Struts, Glabellar/Forehead Augmentation/Hand Rejuvenat

- Learn Dr Cohen’s ITR2 technique, which standardizes the facial fat grafting process to create consistently beautiful and effective results with each procedure in 3 different sizes

- Learn about current treatments in regenerative medicine including Nanofat, SVF and PRP

- Learn how to do injectable tissue replacement in combination with different types of facelifts, including SMAS, SMASectomy, SMAS plication and modified MACS lift

Educational methods

Live case observation, Lectures

Who is this course for?

Plastic Surgeons


DAY 1:

8:00 am: Registration/Breakfast

8:00 am - 10:00am: Lecture on Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration & ABC Face Lift

10:00 am - 5:00pm: Full Day Observation in the Operation Room Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration 

DAY 2:

8:30 am: Registration/Breakfast

9:00 am - 4:00 pm: Full Day Observation in the Operation Room Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration & ABC Face Lift


Where to stay

The Lodge at Torrey Pines is more of a resort-style stay with a PGA tour golf course, scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, full-service spa, and award-winning dining. 

It is a 20-minute drive from San Diego International Airport.

They also have a chauffeured car service that will transport you round trip from our office, as long as you schedule your driver in advance. 

The FacesPlus rate for a Signature Room is $285/night. Please contact Matthew Bosinger, Corporate Leisure Sales Manager at or 858.777.6630 to reserve your room.


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