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Neurosurgical emergencies

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1-day course / 0:30 effective hour
12 attendees per session

Course details

About Foch Hospital (Hôpital Foch):

With 2,000 staff members (including 300 doctors) and 600 beds, Foch Hospital is one of the most effective and renowned non-profit university-hospitals with a public service mission in France.

The Foch Hospital indeed provides a wide range of treatments to adult patients in almost all of the medical and surgical domains and commits to education and research, while paying crucial attention to patient care, including through the investment in cutting-edge medical technology.

Foch hospital stands out from the French medical offer by being the leader in the field of neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, gynaecology, urology, anaesthesia, ICU, internal medicine and oncology through innovative treatments.

Training at Foch Hospital is covered by:

• 50% of ward heads at Foch Hospital who also are University professors

• 1 nursing school with 60 students per promotion

• 1 midwifery school with 28 students per class

• 1 continuing education institute, “Foch Santé Formation”

• 1 simulation platform of 600 m2

What will you learn?

- Know how to manage a neurosurgical emergency

- Know how to recognise the indication for an urgent neurosurgical operation

- Know how to indicate an emergency cerebral imaging

- Know how to conduct an initial resuscitation in the brain injured patient to fight against ACSOS

- Improve skills in reading brain CT scans in acute pathologies

Educational methods

Simulation, Hands-on, On-site, Lectures

Target audience

  • ICU doctor
  • Emergency doctor


This training course will enable you to train in the management of acute situations in neuro-resuscitation and neurosurgical emergencies: diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm, team management. The simulations will allow to approach among others: Subarachnoid haemorrhage (initial management and early complications), Initial management of severe CT, refractory HTIC, CAT in front of an episode of commitment).

Programme :

Simulation traininf on a high-fidelity simulator on 5 clinical cases of patients presenting a serious acute neurological pathology.



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Apr 15, 2021
Nelson M. Ca n'a pas fonctionné
Apr 15, 2021
Riadh S.


Hôpital Foch

40 rue Worth

92150 SURESNES, France

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