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Starts May. 10, 2021 10:00 am
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Master Class: COVID-19 Update: Epidemiology and Virology Basics: Severe and ICU patients

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1-day course / 6 effective hours
50 attendees per session

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What will you learn?

- To know SARS-COV2 virologic characteristics and pathology for clinical practice

- To understand the main epidemiologic principles concerning SARS-COV2 pandemy

- To understand and to know how use the laboratory tests for COVID diagnosis

- The master the nosocomial risk of infection and the caregivers safety

- To know the different COVID clinical presentations and differential diagnosis

- To know the prognostic ICU admission criteria

- To manage oxygenation strategy in COVID respiratory failure

- To manage ventilator in COVID ARDS

- To manage hemodynamic failure in COVID ICU patients

- To know the results and limits of the main clinical trials concerning medical treatment

Advantages of the procedure

This training is delivered by specialisists who are involved in the management of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Who is this course for?

Medical and paramedical staff involved in the management of COVID-19

Methods of monitoring

Online training

10 am -1pm

2pm - 5 pm


Manon Leroy

Price categories

Prix standard
390 €
Prix premiers inscrits
100 €


 Module 1: Basics concepts: 3h


·        Virologic basic concepts

·        SARS-COV2 pathology and immunologic considerations

·        Basics in SARS-COV2 epidemiology

·        Laboratory tests

·        SARS-COV2 nosocomial infection control and caregivers safety


Biologists: Pr M. VASSE / Dr Eric FARFOUR

Hygienist: Dr Marion LECURU


·        Clinical diagnosis

Speakers: Internist: Dr Felix ACKERMANN / Dr Matthieu GROH


·        Radiologic diagnosis

Speaker: Radiologist: Dr Anne Laure BRUN


Module 2: ICU management: 3h


·        COVID lung disease specificity

·        Thrombo-embolic pathology

Speaker: Pneumologist: Dr Colas TCHERAKIAN


·        Non pulmonary organs injuries

·        General management

·        Oxygenation strategy

·        Ventilation strategy

·        Hemodynamic failure

·        Immunomodulation in severe COVID 25 min

·        Anti-infectious treatments in ICU

·        COVID ICU patients prognosis

Speakers: Intensivists: Dr Charles CERF / Dr Mathilde NEUVILLE



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