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Bilateral Breast reconstruction with Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators (DIEP) Free Flap

1 Reviews
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
CRETEIL Cedex, France
1-day course / 5:30 effective hours
2 attendees per session
English / French

Course details

Registration fees will be donated to non-profit associations that are involved in medical education.

As breast reconstruction surgery is a vital component of breast cancer treatment plan, DIEP flap breast reconstruction is considered as the gold standard and the improved method of autologous tissue breast reconstruction with minimal insult to the abdominal wall.

DIEP has a consistent vascular pattern and dimensions that often emulate thoracic recipient vessels making it favourable for free flap reconstruction.

The new skills that the participant will be able to acquire in this training :        

·     Improvement of the patient's facility

·     Improvement of flap harvesting

·     Improvement of flap modeling and breast reconstruction

What will you learn?

- Techniques for the preparation of the internal and axillary mammary vessels.

- Techniques for locating vessels in augmented reality and surgery planification.

- Techniques of parietal restoration.

- Flap Modeling Techniques

- Augmented reality planification.

- Micro-anastomosis under Leica Microscopy : F50. double optics

- Control of vascular flow with indocyanin green under microscopic view

Educational methods

Live case observation, Video, Lectures, On-site

Advantages of the procedure

Techniques Advantages:        

·     Preserves the underlying musculofascial layer which reduces postoperative pain, duration of hospital admission, and long term donor site morbidity

·     Reliable technique for immediate breast reconstruction with autologous tissue

·     Avoids its most important disadvantage of potential abdominal wall weakness, by preserving the continuity of the rectus abdominis muscle

·     Offers the patients the same advantages as the TRAM flap

·     Faster recovery 

Clinical results

·      Rebuilding the breast with soft, warm, living fat is permanent

·      No maintenance required or repeat surgery over time

·      Avoidance of tissue expanders

·      Improved abdominal shape

Medical devices

- Augmented reality for vascular planification.

- Indocyanin green


Getting there

Hôpital Henri Mondor Créteil (94)

51 avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 94000 Créteil

01 49 81 21 11


Face sortie de l’hôpital,

ligne 8, Créteil-Balard – Arrêt Créteil – l’Echat


104 – 172 – 217 – 281, arrêt Henri-Mondor

Transval et 392 – Arrêt Eglise de Créteil



Créteil / Brie-Comte-Robert – Arrêt Créteil – l’Echat


Créteil / Brunoy – Arrêt Créteil – l’Echat

Le 1er septembre 2017- Ouverture du Parking

Le 4 septembre 2017 – Réouverture de la porte principale porte 1

Information Travaux : Le chantier RBI va modifier les voies d’accès pour les piétons entrant dans l’hôpital Henri Mondor (démarrage du chantier le 4 septembre 2017).

Parking Henri Mondor

Hôtels à Créteil

Hôtel Novotel Paris Créteil le Lac

Rue Jean Gabin, 94000 Créteil•01 56 72 56 72

Hôtel Campanile Créteil Centre

52 Avenue du Chemin de Mesly, 94000 Créteil•0 892 23 48 15

Hôtel à paris près de la ligne métro 8

Hotel de la Porte Doree

273 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

Hôtel L'interlude

258 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France




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Aug 27, 2019
Ioannis L. The professor and his team were great but the problem was with the organization since the day i arrived the prof didnt know that we were having a course since you haden't informed him...Luckily (very) we did it the next day but i had to stay a day more in Paris and spent more money etc . I hope in the future everything will be more organized and i think you owe me a discount or something for another course (also a certificate of attendance for the course) Best Regards Lekkas Ioannis MD PhD


Hôpital Henri Mondor

51 av. Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny

94010 CRETEIL Cedex, France