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Standardized Platelet-Rich Plasma for Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
1-day course / 3 effective hours
200 attendees per session

Course details

This educational program consists in 3 live sessions focused on the content of the book titled Standardized Platelet-Rich Plasma for Musculoskeletal disorders.

During these webinars you will learn scientific information on:

> RegenPRP & CellularMatrix to manage knee osteoarthritis 

> RegenPRP for Tendon injuries and degenerative conditions  

> RegenPRP in muscle, meniscus, ligament and carpal tunnel syndrome  

The registration fee includes the new book that will be delivered at the address entered in your registration form and you will receive it before the first session.

For those who register after November 30, we can not guarantee the delivery of the course material in hard copy before December 7.

About the book

Regen Lab has published few weeks ago a new book for musculoskeletal indications. This book is a result of 20 years’ experience of R&D developing and promoting platelet rich plasma (PRP), and more recently PRP combined with hyaluronic acid.

Why a book? What we are looking for in this book is the scientific demonstration of the safety and clinical efficacy of RegenPRP and its combination with hyaluronic acid, and the great value of an incontestable new medicine for physicians and patients! 

What will you learn?

- Understand the importance of a High quality PRP

- Treatment opportunities with autologous biologics

- How to prepare a good Cellular Matrix (Combination between PRP and Hyaluronic acid in one step closed system)

- platelets and cells biology applied to msk pain treatment

- Minimal invasive injection techniques for msk injuries and pain treatment

- Expert insights into PRP medical devices & preparations

- Develop the main clinical evidences with protocols used in clinical studies

Target audience

This course is addressed to heathcare professionals


Here the topics covered during the three live sessions.

Monday 7th December @ 8PM CET  

RegenPRP & CellularMatrix to manage knee osteoarthritis 

  • Where is the need of a biological solution for OA ? 

In this part we will bring the rationale between biologics and OA. The goal is to understand the biological benefits of RegenPRP and/or Cellular Matrix for treating OA.  

  • Clinical evidence of RegenPRP in OA 

Here we will develop the main clinical evidences, with some protocols used in clinical studies with the best success rate in term of treatment.  

  • Clinical evidence of Cellular Matrix in OA 

Here we will also develop the main clinical evidences, with some protocols used in clinical studies with the best success rate in term of treatment and also some comparison with classic treatment.  

  • Feedback and advices from Expert  

You will enjoy the intervention of Dr. Branco Barac, our expert for treating OA, who will give you a feedback from his experience in order to better use Regenlab products.  

Tuesday 8th December @ 8PM CET 

RegenPRP for Tendon injuries and degenerative conditions 

  • Where is the need of a biological solution for tendinopathies ? 

In this part we will bring the rationale between biologics and tendinopathies. The goal is to understand the biological benefits of RegenPRP for treating tendinopathies. We will also review the impact of PRP preparation (Leukocyte poor PRP VS Leukocyte Rich PRP)  

  • Clinical evidence of RegenPRP in Achilles tendinopathies, Patellar tendinopathies and Others tendinopathies 

Here we will develop the main clinical evidences, with some protocols used in clinical studies with the best success rate in term of treatment for all the 3 main tendinopathies.  

  • Peritendinous injections of RegenPRP in insertional vs non-insertional tendinopathies 

The goal here will be to show how the injection site could influence the outcomes in term of recovery.  

  • Feedback and advices from Expert 

You will enjoy the intervention of Prof. Keshmiri, an expert for treating tendinopathies with RegenPRP, who will give you a feedback from his experience in order to better use Regenlab products.  

Wednesday 9th December @ 8PM CET 

RegenPRP in muscle, meniscus, ligament and carpal tunnel syndrome 

  • Where is the need of a biological solution ? 

Here we will discuss the impact of RegenPRP and/or Cellular Matrix in differents pathologies and how this biological solutions could eventually help in term of recovery. 

  • Clinical evidence of RegenPRP or Cellular Matrix in Muscles, Ligaments and Meniscus 

Here we will develop the main clinical evidences, with some protocols used in clinical studies with the best success rate in term of treatment for different pathologies such as muscle tears, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc…   

  • Feedback and advices from Expert  

You will enjoy the intervention of Prof. Keshmiri, an expert for treating musculoskeletal disorders with RegenPRP, who will give you a feedback from his experience in order to better use Regenlab products.  


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