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ERUS Structured Robotic Training Program - Beginner 2x3-Day Course

30 Reviews
Melle, Belgium
3-day course
2 attendees per session
44 CME Credits

Course details

Orsi Academy offers a Beginner Course in Robotic Training, endorsed by ESU.

For experienced open or laparoscopic urologists with little to no experience in robotics, who want to make the transition to robotic urology. It's very important that the aspiring participant already has access to a robotic system in his/her hospital.

! This course consist of 2 x 3 consecutive days.

! This course is followed by a PART 2, taking place 18-20/12/2019.

>> When you book the course, you subscribe for both parts automatically!

It is important that, during those 3 weeks in between sessions, the participants practice parts of the procedures in their own hospital.

Proctored by an Intuitive trainer & Dr. Elio Mazzone, directed by Prof. Alex Mottrie.

The 2 x 3-day masterclass consists of hands-on dry-lab & wet-lab training and live case-observations at the OLV Hospital in Aalst.

After completion, participants receive an ERUS/ESU certificate as a console surgeon.

After sending a video for blind reviewing, an EAU certificate can also be obtained.

Combining the course with the Intuitive certificate "Console Surgeon" is possible.

In order to make this combination, please contact your local Intuitive CSR in the period before the training, as certain steps need to be completed. In case the participant doesn’t know who to contact, we are happy to help.

What will you learn?

- You will receive wet-lab training on porcine model regarding the prostatectomy.

- You will get a simulation assessment.

- You will receive advanced dry-lab training on canine model.

- You will observe via dual bay several live case-observations.

- You will learn basic and advanced robotic skills.

Educational methods

Live case observation, Hands-on, Simulation, Video

Who is this course for?

This course is for robotic beginners. The target audience is urologists who want to start performing robotic procedures and who already have access to a robotic system in their hospital!


Please provide us with the name of your clinical sales representative (Intuitive CSR) and what type of system you have in your hospital.

Medical devices

- Conmed AirSeal Insufflator

- Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci X


Before the training:

E-learning and in-hospital guidance.

Part 1:

Day I: pretest + basic technology training given by an Intuitive trainer.

Day II: dual bay live case observation in the OLV hospital in Aalst.

Day III: hands-on wet lab training on porcine model + simulation assessment.

In between the two parts:

Perform several steps of the prostatectomy with guidance of an on-site proctor.

Part 2:

Day I: pretest + advanced dry lab training on a canine model.

Day II: dual bay live case observation in the OLV hospital in Aalst.

Day III: advanced wet lab training: full prostatectomy on porcine model + final simulation 



Getting there

[email protected]

Where to stay

Click here to have a look at our partner hotels in Ghent and in Aalst. Each location offers fixed prices or discounts. If you are interested in making a reservation, please ask for a room with Orsi-rates or contact Jana. The fixed prices can vary depending room availability. There is an additional fee of 3 euros city tax per person per night. Group reservations apply different prices that differ upon request.


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Feb 9, 2020
Dr. Wai Man K.
Jan 24, 2020
Dr. Yavor S. This is a very helpful course. I recommend this course to every surgeon who want to switch from open to robotic surgery.
Dec 31, 2019
Dr. eric V.


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