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Starts Nov 29, 2018 11:00 am
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Prostate Cancer: from diagnosis to therapy

TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France
2-day course
5 attendees per session

Course details

Our masterclass is dedicated to healthcare professionals who are interested in imaging-based diagnostic techniques and in minimally-invasive approaches to prostate cancer management.

They can learn to integrate these technologies and techniques into their practice.

The course will focus on teaching theorical and practical elements, through lectures and operating room procedures.

Course Director

Dr Guillaume Ploussard (French Cancerology Committee- Prostate Cancer, Chairman YAU-EAU Prostate Cancer)


Dr Christophe Almeras

Dr Jean-Romain Gautier

Dr Guillaume Loison

Dr Ambroise Salin

Dr Christophe Tollon

What will you learn?

- How to interpret multi-parametric MRI for improving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

- How to perform MRI-targeted prostate biopsies using MRI / ultrasound fusion biopsy software

- How to select patients for good focal treatment (pre-therapy criteria, energies, etc…)

- How to perform HIFU focal treatment using the Focal One device

- How to perform a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (using the da Vinci system) and how to adapt the intra-operative dissection according to the degree of neuro-vascular bundles preservation

- How to perform a full preservation (bladder neck, intrafascial dissection, DVC, apex) in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

Educational methods

Live case observation


Dr. Guillaume Ploussard, MD, PhD Uro-Oncologist

Latest Pubmed

AR-V7 predicting treatment response in metastasized prostate cancer: has it peaked?

World journal of urology, 2017

Read it here

Does teaching of robotic partial nephrectomy affect renal function and perioperative outcomes?

Urologic oncology, 2017

Read it here
View all Pubmed

Medical devices

- Focal One (EDAP TMS)



11am Scientific sessions - Lectures

  • Focal Therapy: an update
  • Is there room for local treatment in oligometastatic diseases?
  • MRI-trageted fusion biopsies: are random biopsies still useful? Cognitive versus software-based fusion
  • Active surveillance: what ideal protocol for selection and follow-up
  • Metastatic prostate cancer: recent advancements
  • Case presentation

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Live case observation from the O.R.

  • Focal One sessions
  • MRI-trageted biopsies using the Keolis system
  • Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy with hyper preservation: bladder neck preservation, intrafascial dissection with Santorini preservation & apical reconstruction

5:30pm - End


8am - Coffee and case presentations

8:30am - Live case observation from the O.R.

  • Focal One sessions including focal treatments, whole gland ablation, salvage procedures
  • Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: extrafascial preservation

12pm - Take home messages, Lunch & End


Getting there

Recommended Hotels

IBIS Styles Toulouse Cité Espace

Parc d'Activité de la Plaine

21 avenue Marcel Dassault

31500 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 6180181

from 110€ / night (breakfast included)

15min walk from the Clinic


Capio Clinique Saint-Jean Languedoc

20 route de Revel

31077 TOULOUSE Cedex 4, France