Dr. Adam J. Davis

Dr. Adam J. Davis


Adam Davis is a neuroradiologist specialized in the imaging of cerebrovascular disease including ischemic stroke, aneurysms and vascular malformations. He has more than two decades experience in medical post-processing and expertise in CT imaging, particularly CT angiography, perfusion and dual energy technique.

Adam Davis is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Olea Medical. He is the former Director of Research and Collaboration of the Image Processing Labs in the Department of Radiology at NYULMC and has special interests in data visualization, stereoscopy, volume rendering, user interface and display including Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality platforms. He is the manager of Amalgamated Vision, a technology company developing laser retinal display eyewear for AR, VR, MR and smart glasses applications.

La Ciotat, France
Chief Medical Officer at Olea Medical, La Ciotat, France
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