Prof. Jodhbir S. Mehta

Prof. Jodhbir S. Mehta


Jodhbir Singh Mehta, MD, PhD (Singapore)

  • Distinguished Professor, Duke-NUS, SNEC
  • Head of the Corneal Service Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC).
  • Head of the Tissue Engineering and Cell therapy group at the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Professor with DUKE-NUS GMS.
  • Named Professor of Clinical Innovation at SNEC/SERI. Director of Education, Singhealth Transplant and Deputy Executive Director at SERI, Deputy Head SD Cell Therapy centre.
  • He has published >400 peer-reviewed papers and 20 book chapters. Current H-index 53, citations >10,000.
  • He has given >250 invited plenary, symposium and named lectures globally with over 52 national and international awards.
  • His research work as generated 15 patents, 5 of which have been licensed to companies.
  • Has trained 26 international fellows, 5 masters students and 8 PhD students.
  • He leads a clinical service and runs a research program comprising of clinical and translational study. His work is focused on corneal transplantation, femtosecond laser technology, corneal imaging, corneal infections, corneal refractive surgery, keratoprosthesis surgery and corneal genetics. 
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