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Dr. Raffaele Pugliese


He has published more than 100 issues on scientific journals and several monographic issues.

He cooperates with Milan University’s Medicine and Surgery students and participates in their preparation to graduate, organizes post-graduate courses and courses of specialization in General and Digestive Surgery.

His Department is a landmark centre for courses of laparoscopic surgery proposed by the Italian Surgery College.     He has participated in more than 200 international meetings and congresses on surgery, acting as a real-time operating surgeon, lecturer, president or chairman.

From 1988, he is founder and President of ILCAM Association (Istituto Lombardo di Chirurgia Avanzata Mini-invasiva), that has trained hundreds of surgeons from Italy in mini-invasive and advanced surgery.

From 2008, he is President of the MIAS Foundation (Minimal Invasive Advanced Surgery Academy), a multidisciplinary training centre currently unique in Italy, that contributes to the progress of medical and surgical sciences through research, development of innovative and mini-invasive surgical techniques and professional training of students, physicians and experts surgeons who want to learn more complex procedures or master new techniques, using virtual simulator, inanimate and animal models and participating in hands-on courses.

Milan, Italy
General Surgery
Italian  /  English

Work Experience

General Surgery Specialization Degree
Since 1977
Padua University
Emeritus Chief Director of Oncological e Mininvasive Surgery
2015 to now
Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital, Milan
Director of Surgical Multispecialistic Department
2005 to 2015
Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital, Milan


Graduated in Medicine and Surgery
Università degli Studi of Milan


Creation of a rectal cancer registry in Italy by the Advanced International Mini-Invasive Surgery (AIMS) academy clinical research network.
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