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Prof. Hashim Ahmed


Professor Hashim Ahmed is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer diagnosis, imaging and biopsy as well as minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer. He is Professor and Chair of Urology at Imperial College London; one of the youngest Chairs of a surgical department in Europe. He is currently Chair of the National Cancer Research Institute’s Prostate Research Group and Chair of NHS England’s Prostate Clinical Group. He has pioneered research that means men suspected of prostate cancer can avoid invasive biopsies and instead have accurate MRI scans; this will affect millions of men around the world. He has led international research for less invasive treatments for prostate cancer such as High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and cryotherapy which lead to fewer side-effects and similar cancer control compared to surgery or radiotherapy. This work has led to the award of the British Medical Journal Award for Innovation (2015) and the Health Services Journal Award for Innovation (2016 and 2018). He has also been named as the UK’s top prostate cancer specialist by GHP Private Healthcare Awards (2018 and 2019), Corporate America Today (2019) and Global 100 (2019). He has taught dozens of surgeons in these techniques in the UK and around the world and given numerous invited international lectures in this area. He has an extensive research portfolio with £6 million in grant income as a principal applicant and co-applicant to a research programme of approximately £14 million. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in areas that have led to key changes in the way we diagnose and treat men with localised prostate cancer. He currently currently holds a prestigious £2.1M Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Research Fellowship and leads a team of 20 researchers.
London, United Kingdom