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Dr. Frans Van Wijk, MD


"I am a practicing Urologist for the last 25 years in South Africa. We started the surgery for prostheses and incontinence in males at Steve Biko Academic Hospital with Professor Dion Du Plessis. Since he has retired I have taken over the work on male incontinence and erectile dysfunction. I have been doing the surgery both in private practice and Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

I am also part time lecturer at the University of Pretoria and doing regular workshops to improve patient care regarding incontinence and erectile dysfunction. I do on a regular basis assist Urologists in South Africa during surgery at their own units and train them to perform the surgeries themselves. I am regularly contacted by Urologists to give advice on indications and handling of complication associated with implants. "

Source : Dr Frans Van Wijk

Pretoria, South Africa

Work Experience

Consultant Urologist Department of Urology
Since 1996
Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa
Since 1991
Private Practice, Pretoria, South Africa
Consultant Urologist Department of Urology
Since 1990
Pretoria Academic Hospital, South Africa


The dorsal nerve of the clitoris in relation to urinary incontinence sling procedures.
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