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Dr. John a. Repicci, MD

Dr. John a. Repicci, MD


Up until recently, the general approach for arthritic knees and other knee issues has been to use cortisone shots and eventually replace the entire knee joint, which is comprised of three compartments. Surgeons were unable to isolate a specific compartment manually, and therefore would remove and replace the entire knee. This rather invasive procedure required a lot of recovery time and pain management, not to mention a large scar.

John Repicci, D.D.S., M.D., a dentist turned orthopedic surgeon, noted that the knee functions much like that of teeth, with more than 90 percent of damage to the joint affecting just the inner portion and reasoned that replacing the entire knee was excessive. It was he who developed the afore mentioned unicondylar knee implant.

By using the MAKO TGS system to replicate Dr. Repicci’s technical skills, hospitals across the United States are saving thousands of dollars.

Source : Catholic Health

Buffalo, United States
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Catholic Health, Buffalo, NY, USA


Work Experience

Orthopaecic Surgeon Joint Reconstruction Orthopedic Center
Catholic Health, Buffalo, NY, USA


Current controversies in partial knee arthroplasty.
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