Dr. Jean  Destandau

Dr. Jean Destandau


From 1983 to 1986 he was Assistant to the Hospitals in the Department of Neurosurgery of Professor Leman where he assured all Neuro-traumatology guards and the neurosurgical follow-up of the traumatic comas in the resuscitation department of Professor Erny. His interest in cranial trauma led him to set up two prospective studies, the first in collaboration with Professor Loiseau on the comitial risk of brain trauma, and the second in collaboration with the functional rehabilitation service of Professors Barat And Mazaux on the long-term development of severe cranial trauma and their social reintegration. He participated in a working group in Marseille (Professor Vigouroux) for the creation of a national data bank in neuro-traumatology. Since 1987 he has carried out a liberal neurochirugical activity. He is particularly interested in the surgical treatment of herniated disc and brain tumors with the same objective: to reduce surgical trauma. This led him to use very precise spatial identification techniques (stereotaxy, neuronavigation) and to develop an endoscopic surgical technique for lumbar disc herniation and other degenerative spinal disorders. Since 1993, He has operated on over 10000 patients with a rate of cure superior to 90% and a post-operatory period of convalescence greatly inferior to the normal. As a result, I have been invited to demonstrate this procedure in many countries including the United States, China, Egypt and Korea.
Bordeaux, France
Endoscopic Spine Surgeon at Bel Air Clinic (Private Practice)
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Oct 14, 2018
Oct 15, 2018
Dr. Nikhil S. Excellent inputs, leisurely paced, with a lot of time to interact , great hospitality, an experience worth repeating
Oct 17, 2018
Dr. Michael M. Very fine course and plenty of time for questions and answers. All instructors were very approachable and answered questions thoroughly.
Oct 17, 2018
Dr. Simone Z. The course was presented on internet as an international congress about endoscopic spinal surgery but it was not so. It was a course on a particular endoscopic technique, nothing else. It was a bit cheeky to advertise it as such a great event. It was interesting anyway. A bit disappointed for the gala diner, while the wine tasting on the first evening was great.
Oct 20, 2018
Dr. Cristian B. Congratulations
Oct 20, 2018
Dr. Nurperi G. We had the oportunity to observe six live surgeries of different kind; I realy appreciate this. Dr. Destendau and her collegue Dr. Rue shared their experience honedtly and generously.

Work Experience

Neurosurgeon in private practice in Bordeaux
Since 1987
1983 to 1987
Bordeaux University Hospital
Assistant Professor in Anatomy
1983 to 1987
Bordeaux University Hospital


Diploma in Research in Human Biology and Anatomy
Montpellier University Hospital
Attestation of Further Studies in Anatomy
Montpellier University Hospital
Doctorat in Medecine
Bordeaux University Hospital


Accuracy and evaluation of irradiation of novel localization devices with unique three-dimensional structures in microendoscopic spine surgery.
European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology : orthopedie traumatologie Read it here

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French Society of Neurosurgery Member the society of neurosurgery of french language Member World endoscopic spine surgery President