Dr. Marjory Rué

Dr. Marjory Rué


Neurosurgeon in Endoscopic Spine Surgery at Bel Air Clinic (Private practice) in Bordeaux since April 2016. Partnered with Dr. Jean Destandau, the precursor of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery of the spine. The protocols put in place are similar to the RRAC (Rapid recovery after surgery). The patient is hospitalized two nights, get up immediately surrounded by physiotherapists before returning to his personal and professional life.
Bordeaux , France
Neurosurgeon in Endoscopic Spine Surgery at Bel Air Clinic (Private practice)
French / English

Work Experience

Neurosurgeon in private practice Endoscopic Spine Surgery Center
Since 2016
Bel Air Clinic
Hospital Neurosurgeon
2014 to 2016
General Hospital of Nimes
Fellowship (Neurosurgery-anatomy)
2012 to 2014
General Hospital of Bordeaux


Medical Degree
2006 to 2012
University of Bordeaux


« Rheumatologic and neurological events in an elderly patient with Tricho-Rhino- Phalangeal syndrome type I. » Volume 54, Issue 4, European Journal of Medical Genetics With Marjory Rué, Hermann-Josef Lüdecke, Igor Sibon, Christophe Richez, Laurence Taine, Alexandra Foubert-Samier, Benoit Arveiler, Thierry Schaeverbeke, Didier Lacombe, François Tison, Cyril Goizet
« Brain tumors and hormonal factors: review of the epidemiological Literature » 22:697–714 Cancer Causes Control With Anne Cowppli-Bony, Ghislaine Bouvier, Marjory Rué, Hugues Loiseau, Anne Vital, Pierre Lebailly, Pascale Fabbro-Peray, Isabelle Baldi
«Epidémiologie des tumeurs cérébrales primitives » Revue Neurologique With H. Loiseau, A. Huchet, M. Rué, A. Cowppli-Bony, I. Baldi

Professional Associations

French Society of Neurosurgery Member French Society of Spine Neurosurgery Member World endoscopic spine surgery Member