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Surgical AI Day - Orsi Innotech

75,00 € - 150,00 €


Proefhoevestraat 12, 9090, Melle, Belgique

Orsi Academy


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Surgical AI Day: Revolutionizing Surgical Practice with Artificial Intelligence!

During this 2 day event, attendees will witness firsthand how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of surgery, enhancing precision, efficiency and patient outcomes.

Orsi Innotech, pioneer in AI-assisted surgical skill assessment and development center for cutting-edge surgical technology, invites you to an extraordinary gathering for medical professionals, engineers and industry leaders at Orsi Academy.

This event is dedicated to exploring the transformative power of AI in surgical procedures.

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Highlights of the Surgical AI Day:

  • Keynote presentations by clinical & technical experts in the field of surgical AI: learn from these renowned experts as they share insights into the latest advancements in surgical AI technology. Discover how to start with surgical AI, what pitfalls to expect, how AI is reshaping surgical decision-making, robotics, 3D-imaging and more.
  • Live demonstrations of AI-assisted surgeries: witness live surgical demos conducted with the assistance of AI systems. Experience state-of-the-art applications used for surgical analysis & try them hands-on on different robotic surgical systems.
  • Networking opportunities: connect with peers, AI developers and industry influencers. Exchange ideas, discuss challenges and forge collaborations to drive innovation in AI-assisted surgical practice.
  • Submit your own surgical AI research & have a chance at presenting your work during the main congress and winning our best abstract award!

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Prof. Alex Mottrie Head of Urology Department, OLV Hospital Aalst (BE)
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Pieter De Backer Urologie
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Julian Abbing Meander Medical Centre
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Daniele Amparore San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital
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Adrien Bartoli University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand
Speaker Avatar
Adrien Bartoli University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand
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