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Hands-On Basic Endoscopic Therapy Course (PART 2)

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ORSI Academy

ORSI Academy

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  • Hepato-Gastro-Entérologie
  • Melle, Belgique
  • 1 jours de formation   /   Durée effective : 7h
  • 15 participants par session
  • Néerlandais

Détails de la formation

The Hands-On Endoscopic Therapy Course (PART 2) is a 1-day course organized by the Department of Gastroenterology OLVZ Aalst at Orsi Academy.

Endorsed by the Belgian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (BSGIE).

In this second part of the course the focus lies on basic therapy techniques in endoscopy such as polypectomie, argonplasma coagulation, band ligation, submucosal injection and use of clips.

Besides the hands-on experience you will be introduced to many different devices available for endoscopic therapy.

Sponsored by:

  • Boston Scientific
  • Creomedical
  • Erbe
  • Medical Precision
  • Norgine
  • Olympus
  • Prion Medical

Qu'allez-vous apprendre ?

  • You will improve your basic navigation skills during hands-on gastroscopy
  • You will learn advanced techniques such as biopsy, polypectomy, lifting, injection, clipping, ...
  • You will receive theoretical information about the different endoscopic materials and coagulation principles.

Méthodes pédagogiques

Cas pratique, Cadavre, Présentation théorique, Présentiel

Avantages de la formation

In Belgium, there is a need for proper endoscopic training outside the OR. Through this course, aspiring fellows of intern medicine will be optimally prepared to do their first gastroscopy/colonoscopy on a live patient or improve their existing set of skills.

Public cible

This course is for GSO's (geneesheer-specialisten in opleiding ) considering to specialize in gastro-enterology. The course serves as an introduction to endoscopy and a basic training program.


Participants are young doctors employed in a Belgian hospital at a Department of Internal Medicine.


08h30 Welcome

08h45 Presentations Auditorium

10h15 Coffee break Foyer

10h30 Hands-on session Orsi Skills Lab

12h30 Lunch break Orsi Restaurant

13h30 Hands-on session Orsi Skills Lab

16h00 End of the course





Program Basic Endoscopic Therapy Course


Données logistiques

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Détails pratiques

We will provide you with scrubs, shoes & lunch.


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4.8 / 5


Dorien S.


Yannick V.


Astrid L.

Because we were a rather small group, we could practice a lot and got plenty of feedack and tips from the professionals that were present. I learned so much!


mamoune b.


Dylan R.

Good class, it was nice that we first had a theoretical introduction and afterward had enough time to practise endoscopy


Dorien S.


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