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Live sessions with Prof. Alain Cribier: Minimalist TF-TAVI Workshop

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Medical Training Center Rouen

Medical Training Center Rouen

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  • Cardiologie et maladies vasculaires - Cardiologie interventionnelle
  • 3 jours de formation   /   Durée effective : 10h
  • 1000 participants par session
  • Anglais

Détails de la formation

20 years after the First-in-Man TAVI performed by our team in Rouen on April 2002, the procedure is incredibly expanding. Significant technological advances, simplified strategies and scientific evidences led to an explosion of TAVI with about 1 500 000 cases performed to date in the world. 

Since 2002, in Rouen, transfemoral TAVI has been performed in 100% of cases using a simplified approach under local anesthesia. Over the last 12 years, this strategy has reached its peak with the “minimalist approach” (local anesthesia, no TEE percutaneous closure devices and early patient discharge home) that our team has been pioneering. Despite strong initial reluctance, this technique is now adopted everywhere and can be performed in > 90% of all TAVI cases. To be carried out safely and with optimal results, many tips and tricks must be learned. This is the goal of our workshops based on lectures and video-transmission of live cases from several centers using the minimalist strategy with different types of TAVI valves.

Qu'allez-vous apprendre ?

  • observe live cases of Transfemoral TAVI using the “minimalist strategy
  • prevention and management of complications

Public cible

Preferentially but not limited to interventional cardiologists wishing to get additional information on the « minimalist TF approach », based on the observation of live cases

Interventional cardiologists already trained on TAVI


Interventional cardiologists already trained on TAVI

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Live cases will be transmitted from our Department of Cardiology in Rouen, and from other institutions in France and around the world.

Several lectures will be covering the topics of patient selection and management, CT Scan screening, tips and tricks for the transfemoral minimalist approach, difficult cases, valve-in valve procedures, treatment of complications and overview of TAVI valve technologies. 

Wednesday, October 5th (2pm - 6:30pm)

14:00 - Prof. A. Cribier:  « The road to Minimalist TF-TAVI with the Edwards balloon expandable valves: State of the Art, Tips and Tricks » 

15:00 - LIVE CASE 1 from Rouen: SAPIEN 3

16:45 - LIVE CASE 2 from Toulouse: MEDTRONIC EVOLUT

16:15 - Dr. N. Dumonteil: Medtronic CoreValve Evolut Pro, Last Update 

16:45 - LIVE CASE 3 from Toulouse: MEDTRONIC EVOLUT

18:00 - Q&A and Closing

Thursday, October 6th (10am - 4:30pm)

10:00 - Prof. J.N. Dacher: Ability of CT to address all relevant aspects of TAVI

10:45 - LIVE CASE 4 from Rouen: SAPIEN 3 (Edwards)

11:30 - Prof. H. Eltchaninoff: TAVI complications and complex cases 

12:15 - LIVE CASE 5 from Rouen: MEDTRONIC EVOLUT

13:00 - Prof. Mathias Bunc (Ljubliana, Slovenia): The Meril MYVAL device: Global Clinical Update 

13:45 - LIVE CASE 6 from Buenos-Aires, Argentina: MYVAL (Meril)

14:30 - Dr C. Agatiello: Recorded Case from Buenos Aires, Argentina: Shockwave to facilitate ACURATE NEO 2 valve implantation (Shockwave & Boston Scientific) 

15:15 - LIVE CASE 7 from Rouen: SAPIEN 3 (Edwards)

16:00 - Q&A and Closing

Friday, October 7th (2pm - 5pm)

14:00 - LIVE CASE 8 from Rouen, France: SAPIEN 3 (Edwards)

14:45 - Prof. E. Durand: Which strategy for early discharge? 

15:00 -14:00 - Dr. D. Nercolini: TAVI in Brazil: Where are we in 2022?

15:30 - LIVE CASE 9 from Curitiba, Brazil: MYVAL (Meril)

16:15 - LIVE CASE 10 from Rouen, France: SAPIEN 3 (Edwards)

17:00 - General conclusions & closing






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Bertalan K.

The training was perfect for me to increase my knowledge in TAVI. The cases covered the full spectrum of TAVI and most of the difficulties. I am completely satiesfied with it and it was a great pleasure to take part in. Thank You!


Khokhlov A.

Very usefull content, thank you!


Oon Yen Y.

I love the program. It is truly informative and concise. Learning from the experts on the technical aspects of the procedure from the live cases is an invaluable experience. I am glad that it is a virtual program.


Kunal S.

We should be able to see them again.... I missed some cases .....so it will be of great help if I can get recordings. A certificate can also will be nice


Nirav B.

Great learning from the best teacher


Osama S.