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13th International Workshop on Transfemoral TAVI - live viewing

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Medical Training Center Rouen


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Since the First-in-Man case performed by our group in Rouen on April 16th 2002, TAVI has known an amazing expansion with, 21 years later, 2 000 000 cases having been performed worldwide in more than 80 countries. This success results from constant technological advances making the procedures simpler and safer and from an outstanding scientific evaluation.

Retrograde transfemoral TAVI has become the default strategy, feasible in 95% of cases. This strategy has reached its peak with the “minimalist approach” (local anesthesia, no TEE, percutaneous closure devices and early patient discharge home) that our team has been pioneering since 2012. Despite strong initial reluctance, this technique is now adopted everywhere.

This 13th edition of the workshop will be done in a hybrid way with the presence of cardiologists at the Rouen Medical Training Center and others online. Live cases with various models of TAVI systems will be transmitted from our Department of Cardiology in Rouen, and from other institutions in France Argentina, Brazil, United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Spain or Slovenia. Several lectures will be covering the topics of patient’s selection and management, CT scan screening, tips and tricks for the transfemoral minimalist approach, difficult cases, valve-in valve procedures, treatment of complications and overviews of TAVI valve technologies and updated results.

The goal of our practical course is to help you discover the latest technological advances in TAVI and to learn the many tips and tricks associated with a safe and successful transfemoral TAVI procedure. The first day of the workshop (November 21st) will only be dedicated to a learning on simulators and therefore reserved for the cardiologists on-site. This will address patient selection (MSCT simulators) and procedural simulation with most currently used TAVI systems.

Preferentially but not limited to interventional cardiologists wishing to get additional information on the « minimalist TF approach », based on the observation of live cases

Interventional cardiologists already trained on TAVI

Wednesday, November 22nd

09:30 Welcome

09:45 TAVI: From the trans-septal approach to the trans-femoral minimalist approach - A. Cribier

10:15 Live Case 1 from Rouen (SAPIEN-3) - Rouen team

10:45 Live Case 2 from Lisbon, Portugal (MYVAL) - L. Patricio

11:15 Live-in-the-box case from Toulouse (EVOLUT) - N. Dumonteil

11:45 Lecture on Medtronic EVOLUT - N. Dumonteil

12:15 Live Case 3 from Toulouse (EVOLUT) - N. Dumonteil, D. Tchétché

12:45 lunch break

14:00 Live-in-the-box Didactic on TF-TAVI (SAPIEN-3)- H. Eltchaninoff

14:30 Live Case 4 from Curitiba (TAVI system tdc) - D. Nercolini

15:00 Live-in-the-box case from Curitiba (TAVI system tbc) - D. Nercolini

15:30 Live Case 5 from Atlanta (SAPIEN 3) - V. Babaliaros

16:00 The issues of Valve-in-Valve implantation - V. Babaliaros

16:30 Live Case 6 from Rouen (SAPIEN-3) - Rouen team

17:00 The lessons from FRANCE 2 and FRANCE TAVI - M. Gilard

17:30 end of session

Thursday, November 23rd

Rouen Medical Training Center

09:30 Ability of CT to address all relevant aspects of TAVI - J.N. Dacher

10:00 Live Case 7 from Rouen (EVOLUT) - Rouen team

10:30 How to preserve the coronary arteries patency after TAVI - M. Gilard

11:00 Live Case 8 from Durban, South Africa (MYVAL) - J.P. Patel

11:30 Live Case 9 from Rouen (SAPIEN 3) - Rouen Team

12:00 Live Case 10 from Wroclaw, Poland (MYVAL) - M. Protasiewicz

12:30 lunch break

14:00 Live Case 11 from Buenos Aires, Argentina (MYVAL) - C. Agiatello

14:30 Live-in-the-box case from Buenos Aires (tbc) - C. Agiatello

15:00 TAVI complications and complex cases - H. Eltchaninoff

15:45 Live Case 12 from Buenos Aires, Argentina (MYVAL) - O. Mendiz

16:30 Live Case 13 from Rouen (SAPIEN 3) - Rouen team

17:15 End of session

Ce que vous allez apprendre

observe live cases of Transfemoral TAVI using the “minimalist strategy

prevention and management of complications

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Prof. Alain Cribier Medical Director of the Medical Training Center
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Prof. Hélène Eltchaninoff Head of the Department of Cardiology
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Dr. Eric Durand Cardiologie et maladies vasculaires - Cardiologie interventionnelle
Speaker Avatar
Dr. Christophe Tron Cardiologie et maladies vasculaires - Cardiologie interventionnelle
Speaker Avatar
Dr. Jean-Nicolas Dacher Radiodiagnostic et imagerie médicale - Radiologie interventionnelle
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Cardiologie et maladies vasculaires

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