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Workshop on Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction - Gadnsk, Poland

Motiva Medical Education

Motiva Medical Education

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  • Chirurgie plastique, reconstructrice et esthétique
  • Gdańsk, Pologne
  • 2 jours de formation   /   Durée effective : 11h
  • 100 participants par session
  • Polonais, Anglais

Détails de la formation

Join the Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction Workshop featuring Dr. Alexandre Munhoz, Prof. Henryk Witmanowski, Dr. Marek Budner and Dr. Daniel Maliszewski. The workshop includes a first day of lectures followed by a second day showcasing live surgeries.

Qu'allez-vous apprendre ?

  • Increase understanding of the impact surface plays in biocompatibility
  • DTI Breast Reconstruction vs. Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction - patient selection and best outcomes
  • Advanced techniques to minimize complications using Ergonomix® implants
  • Surgical tips and tricks for the transition of micro textured implants to Ergonomix®
  • Enhance aesthetic outcomes in 2 stage breast reconstruction using Flora® Tissue Expander and SmoothSilk®
  • How to achieve safe and effective results in Breast Reconstruction

Méthodes pédagogiques

Présentation théorique, Présentiel, Vidéo, Cas live

Avantages de la formation

You will learn about:

  • Implant Surface Relevance
  • DTI vs Two stage reconstruction
  • Shaped vs ergonomic implants
  • Flora Tissue Expander®
  • IMF recreating
  • How to avoid implant lateralization?
  • Implants and radiotherapy?
  • Breast Symmetrisation Surgery
  • Hybrid Breast Reconstruction
  • RFID in MRI - is this a problem?
  • NAC implants


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Olivia Star

472 Aleja Grunwaldzka

80-236 Gdańsk, Pologne