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Dr. Pedro Silva

En bref

Graduated DDS, ISCSN-CESPU, Portugal

Professional registration number 4694

Clinical Director at S.Tiago Medical Center, Portugal

Recognized Specialist in Oral Surgery by OMD, Portugal

Master in Implantology and Periodontology, College of Dentistry- New York, USA

Master in Oral Implantology- University of Seville, Spain

Post graduated in Advanced Oral Implantology- University of Seville, Spain

Specialist in Esthetic Implantology, Regeneration and Advanced Periodontology, Madrid, Spain

Soft Tissue Esthetics, Grafting and Management Course- gIDE (Global Institute Dental Education)- Los Angeles, USA

Specialized course in Zygomatic Implantology- São Paulo, Brazil

Lecturer in international Implantology and Periodontology courses

  • Rio Meão, Portugal
  • Anglais, Portugais