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BioBridge Foundation


The BioBridge Foundation was created in Switzerland with the objective of promoting scientific research in Regenerative Medicine, in particular cell therapies.

This network of health professionals meets on a regular basis during BioBridge International Conferences taking place worldwide or during educational and training events.

The Foundation also liaises with the general public through the creation and sponsorship of cultural and scientific events.

Geneva, Genève, Switzerland
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Dr. Violeta Skorobać Ašanin, MD, MSc, PhD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Chief plastic surgeon and the owner of the Special hospital Diona Violeta Skorobac Asanin, MD, PhD, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery brings the female perspective in her work, is skilled in many areas of plastic surgery, which she practices for the last 20 years in her private practice.

Dr Violeta Skorobac Asanin opened the Clinic Diona in 2000 was the first women in Serbia that founded and run private practice in the area of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Skorobac Asanin is internationally recognized for her expertise and has perfected her knowledge and skills by practicing in a number of plastic surgery clinics worldwide - Italy, Canada, Greece, Russia, Brazil and USA. She has been a contributor and participant at numerous medical experts’ gatherings and, among other achievements, she has been granted the top USA award for best results in treating the overweight by ultrasonic liposculpture.

Also, she is one of the initiators that the mastectomy reconstruction is introduced in the oncology protocol, by which all women in Serbia in need for such intervention got it free of charge. In 2012, she has been awarded by prestigious Serbian award for the best women entrepreneur in Serbia.

Dr Skorobac Asanin is fully devoted to her job that she loves wholeheartedly. She works tirelessly in order to break the prejudices of aesthetic surgeries aiming to place it in everyday course of life and make it available to “regular’ people. Her ultimate goal is to make aesthetic surgery safe, painless with the shortest possible recovery period.

Dr. Vladimir Stojiljković, MD, PhD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Vladimir Stojiljkovic is a plastic surgeon renowned for his innovative approach to regenerative surgery. He is known for applying new techniques and new materials in the field of cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the patient.

Dr. Stojiljkovic is dedicated to clinical work and research in aesthetics and surgery of the face and body, as well as to training given by other dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists and in the field of minimal facial interventions. invasive.

Dr. Agnieszka Nalewczynska, MD, PhD Obstetrics & Gynaecology
She graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw, and doctoral studies with honors. She participated in many trainings in the field of aesthetic medicine, getting to know the latest techniques and trends in the field of Anti-Aging. Many a time she presented her works and publications at congresses and medical conferences. She received a Mazowieckie PhD Scholarship and a scholarship at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid. A wonderful physician - a patient, surrounds patients with a safety and responsibility aura, advising on the best way to revitalize the skin.
Dr. Ghislaine Beilin Aesthetic Medicine
Pioneer in Aesthetic Medicine, with 30 years of experience and the creation of the first laser center in Paris, Dr. Beilin uses the latest technologies to offer quality treatments.


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