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Orsi Academy


Six reasons why you should come and discover Orsi Academy !

1.Orsi is a center of surgical innovation and expertise, where industry, clinical and academic partners participate together on:

  • training
  • R&D
  • data analysis

>> with the purpose of improving best practices in minimally invasive surgery.

2.Orsi offers high quality training in full collaboration with partners & industry:

  • European accreditation

  • validation of robotic training

  • only center for advanced training in Europe with ERUS/EAU certification

3.Orsi Academy is an open, inclusive center with a focus on collaboration:

  • peer-to peer approach
  • top ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ in partner hospitals
  • full flexibility towards partners
  • inclusivity & political neutrality
  • international 'Key Opinion Leaders' as experts at our facilities
  • inclusion of top clinical case observations
  • state-of-the-art training center

4.Orsi Academy partners with the two top universities in Belgium:

  • University of Ghent
  • University of Leuven

5.Orsi Academy has access to a variety of different training models:

  • virtual
  • porcine
  • canine
  • cadaver
  • chicken
  • etc.

6.Orsi Academy is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe, with daily flights to Brussels and Lille, both one hour drive from the center.

Melle, Vlaanderen, Belgium
43 Faculty
14 Courses available
70 Reviews

Courses on Invivox

Hands-On RARP Course
Melle, Belgium
Oct 25, 2019
Theoretical RARP Course
Melle, Belgium
Oct 25, 2019
Robotic Benign Gynaecology - 2-Day Advanced Course
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Melle, Belgium
Nov 4, 2019
First Assist Course - Robotic Surgery
ORSI Academy, 9090, Melle
Nov 13, 2019
Hands-On Salvage RARP Course
ORSI Academy, 9090, Melle
Nov 14, 2019
Theoretical Salvage RARP Course
Melle, Belgium
Nov 14, 2019



Member of staff at the Department of Urology, Ghent University Hospital

Subspecialisation Uro-oncology and robot-assisted surgery

Multidisciplinary oncological care for prostate, urothelial, kidney and testicular cancer

Bladder cancer surgery (open and robot-assisted)
-Totally intracorporeal robot assisted radical cystectomy and urinary diversion (ileal conduit, neobladder, pouch)
-Robot assisted partial cystectomy and bladder brachytherapy

Kidney cancer surgery:
-Open and robotic radical and partial nephrectomy -Open radical nephrectomy with caval thrombectomy

Open and robot-assisted pelvic and retroperitoneal (salvage) lymphadenectomy (prostate cancer, testicular cancer, urothelial cancer)

Multidisciplinary approach for abdominal and pelvic cancers in collaborationwith gynaecology, gastro-intestinal and vascular surgery.
Special interest in Robotic Kidney Transplantation program in Belgium together with thoraco-vascular surgery: first robotic kidney transplantation in Belgium 16/3/2016.


Dear Colleagues&Friends, I have been mainly dealing with Robotic urology since the beginning of 2009. Due to January 2018 statistics, I personally performed >500 Robotic urology procedures including: Robotic Prostate cancer surgery (mostly) (some cases with concomitant inguinal hernia repair with mesh), Robotic Bladder cancer surgery (with intracorporeal urinary diversion), Robotic Kidney cancer surgery (mostly partial nephrectomy, some cases with zero ischemia), Robotic adrenal surgery and Robotic pyeloplasty. I also participated in 10 robotic sacrocolpopexy cases as a console surgeon to help one of my colleagues. Apart from the >500 cases that I personally performed, I proctored >100 robotic prostate cancer surgery cases. Before starting as a console surgeon, I assisted > 200 cases as a bed side assistant. Overall, due to January 2018 statistics, I have had a current experience & exposure of more than 800 robotic urological cases. I have many international papers published particularly in the field of robotic urology. Currently, I have been serving as an ERUS board member and previously I was a member of EAU YAU J-ERUS group. I have been also serving as an ERUS certified robotic urology trainer,tutored at many robotic courses. I have been taking part in the editorial board of scientific journals (Eur Urol, CEJU Videourology, EMJ Urology, Robotics research & reviews) particularly related with urology. I have been serving as the editor of the e-journal Robotics, Laparoscopy & Endosurgery with Videosurgery. I am a member of EAU,AUA,SIU,ERUS and Endourological Society. Apart from urology & robotics, I like playing accordion and dealing with music. With kind regards...Dr.A.Erdem Canda (Twitter: @erdemcanda)


Carl Wijburg studied Medicine at University of Utrecht (NL). During his medical studies his father died of prostate cancer. Therefore he was very motivated to do research into prostate cancer and he worked on the ERSPC project of Prof Schröder in Rotterdam. During his residency he learned open radical prostatectomy and the first steps of robot assisted radical prostatectomy on the first daVinci surgical system. In 2007 he followed a training in robotic surgery with Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie in Aalst (B). Since 2008 he works as a urologist in Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, the Netherlands. He and his team have performed more than 1,000 radical prostatectomies with the daVinci Si and Xi. Carl now trains residents and urologists in RARP and intracorporeal robot assisted radical cystectomy (iRARC). He’s an international proctor for Intuitive Surgical. In 2015 he started a National study RARC versus ORC in the Netherlands (

Prof. Piet Hoebeke, MD Pediatric Urology

Prof. Hoebeke is interested in pediatric urology and urogenital reconstruction. He focuses mainly on congenital disorders of the urinary tract and genitalia.

Prof. Hoebeke is active in several multidisciplinary teams, including the DSD team for congenital disorders of sexual development, and the team for the treatment of patients with gender dysphoria.

Prof. Hoebeke has given numerous presentations at national and international congresses and is also author and co-author of 180 peer-reviewed publications.


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Dr. Obi E.
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Sep 1, 2019
Dr. Mohammad A. Outstanding course, full of knowledge and hands on