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Bimini Academy

Bimini Academy


Why a Bimini Academy?

  • Understand future applications in regenerative surgery and medicine.
  • Acquire the level of knowledge to qualify and choose the right products to use: from Macrofat to Adipose derived stem cells, with the place of plasma rich platelets, notions of dose.
  • Enriching yourself to develop an Innovative activity from rejuvenation to regenerative .
  • Learn the protocols, key success factors for predictable results: from volumizing to regenerating. 
  • Be always up to date with the latest developments, from breast augmentation by prosthesis to the Hybrid implant... from HA to micro fat and nanofat enriched with PRP.
  • From beginners to advancers, share your expertise and experience with your peers, all specialities included in the field of Innovative autologous therapies.

Bimini Academy by Bimini Healthtech

Bimini Health Tech is dedicated to transforming the human experience, driven by passion to develop a diverse portfolio of novel regenerative technologies and therapeutics that allow people to live better, longer lives.

Why use Bimini’s products?


Advanced technology,

Patient convenience

Bimini products are designed to avoid

the need for frequent re-treatment.


Safety Profile

The use of autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF)

in preclinical and clinical studies has been shown to be well tolerated.

Thousands of patients have been treated with fatty tissue and SVF in numerous worldwide

clinical trials.


Same-Day Therapy

Bimini products eliminate the requirement for tissues and cells to be shipped to off-site facilities.

Tissue can be harvested and processed on-site for convenient care.

Since 2013, we have been developing innovative products to provide premium care options to consumers and physicians alike.

Solana Beach, California, United States of America
20 Faculty
8 Courses available
420 Reviews

Upcoming events

SMART COURSE - Genital area women & men
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Sep 27, 2021
06:00 PM
SMART COURSE - Buttock : Lower limbs
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Oct 25, 2021
06:00 PM


Smart replay : Introduction & basics in Regenerative Medicine
Hospital pharmacist
Smart replay : Regenerative & rejuvenation surgery: Products to use?
Hospital pharmacist
Smart replay : Rejuvenation of the Face
Aesthetic Medicine


Dr. Sydney Coleman
Clinical Assistant Professor
I am a Plastic Surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (1992) with a private practice in New York City. I am a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University Medical Center, Department of Plastic Surgery Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (since 2005) but also in University of Pittsburgh Medical Center , Department of Plastic Surgery (since 2010). Since I developped a fat grafting technique that has become the standard in the world, I have the chance to be invited accross the world to discuss the so called ""Coleman technique"". I love sharing my experience and you are welcome to join me inside the OR to have a practical experience. Looking forward to sharing experiences with colleagues surgeons!
Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Surgeon specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Reference point for Genital Reconstructive Surgery  and Regenerative Surgery in the Plastic Surgery UnitReference point for Breast reconstruction in the  Breast Unit


Senior Surgeon of the  Plastic and  Breast Surgery Division  at  IRCCS  Fondazione Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, Italy 

Visiting professor at the University of Milan (Postgraduate School of Plastic Surgery – prof. M. Klinger - and, earlier, Postgraduate School of Gynecology and Obstetrics – prof. Fedele) 

Lecturer at the postgraduate Master course of Morphodynamic Aesthetic Surgery, University of Milan.

Lecturer at the “Agorà” High School of Esthetic Medicine of Milan. 

Visiting Professor at the Master Course in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery of genitalia, University of Nimes Montpellier (Fr).


At hospital he performed over 7000 certified surgical procedures. He has mostly focused on oncoplastic breast surgery and oncoplastic genital surgery, including malformed genitalia, as well as regenerative  medicine and surgery in cooperation with the Transplant and Transfusion Department (Cell Factory).

He has been the reference point for Neurofibromatosis in Lombardy (2000-2010).


The following researches are still in progress at the hospital IRCCS Fondazione Policlinico:

1-long term follow up in then treatment of lichen sclerosus with micro and nanofatgraft (approved by the ethical committee in 2019)

2- treatment of vulvar pain by fat grafting (approved by the ethical committee in 2018)

3- outcomes in the treatment of vulvar stenosis with lipofilling (approved by the ethical committee in 2019)

He has joined 11 humanitarian missions (5 in Benin and 6 in Togo) for the treatment of congenital malformations.


He is a visiting professor of genital surgery at Milan University and at Nimes Montpellier (Fr). In the field of genital surgery, for over 10 years he has been invited as a guest speaker and as a travelling professor to perform surgical operations during international courses and congresses.

He has published several scientific papers and has co-written 7 books. Cf. section regarding publications, reports and books.

Since 2001, he has qualified as a court-appointed Expert for the Criminal and Civil Court of Milan. He has totalled over 150 mandates.

Prof. Norbert Pallua
Accreditation of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn Centre at the University Hospital Aachen as a teaching hospital
The human body image stems from the interaction and harmony of a great number of details. Plastic surgery offers countless ways of changing the overall impression by means of minor or major alterations. Good craftsmanship is an essential prerequisite but, nevertheless, in order to achieve optimal results more is required. Of crucial importance are the operating surgeon’s ‘aesthetic eye’ (What effect will the planned operation have on the patient’s future appearance?), his psychological sensitivity, and the individual care he can offer the patient. My long years of experience have taught me that not everything the patients ask for is possible or wise. It is my ambition and my personal concern to achieve excellent, long-lasting results that will permanently improve my patients’ appearance and charisma, making them look more attractive, relaxed, energetic, and giving them a better quality of life as a result. Optimal results require individual, tailor-made treatment strategies. My philosophy is as follows: My patient must identify with his/her body and feel at ease and satisfied in it.
Dr. Sophie Menkes
Medical Director at Aesthetic and Regenerative Medical center , Nescens Genolier Clinic

Aesthetic Physician, Medical Director at Aesthetic and Regenerative Medical center, Nescens Genolier Clinic

Specialist in Regenerative Medicine (PRP, Microfat, Nanofat ...) specialist in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology, specialist in Internal Medicine.

Physician trainer Regenerative Medicine Microfat and Nanofat grafting, PRP... Physician trainer Hyaluronic Acid and Toxin, Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for Neauvia .

  • International trainer for Biminy Academy
  • NSA (Neauvia Scientific Academy) Team member.
  • Tulip Medical Products Adisory Board Member.
  • Medical speaker at international courses and congress such as IFAT, ISPRES, IMCAS, ISAPS....

Founding member and President of AIRMESS (Academy of International Regenerative Medicine & Surgery Societies)

Founding member and General Secretary of EAGAMPS (European Association for Genital Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery)


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